Our Services

On Demand Contract Recruiting
• Managed Service – We will design and assemble a Custom Team dedicated to building a pipeline of Active and Passive talent to meet your current recruiting needs and requirement load
• Frees up bandwidth and adds scale to your recruiting department
• Recruiting Staff Augmentation
• Custom Reporting and Metrics
On Demand Contract Recruiting – our professional consultants with endless resources are available to assist you. From a single contract recruiter to a team of professionals, Corporate Hires delivers. We seamlessly integrate with your team, or operate as a standalone team augmenting your current resources. Our consultants come complete with their own comprehensive set of recruiting tools, ready to exceed your expectations.
Need coverage while your recruiters are off? Do you have a hiring blitz? Challenged with securing qualified, interested, and available candidates? Need world class recruiting services at reasonable rates?
Corporate Hires is here to help –Contact us today to learn more!
• Passive Candidate Pipeline Services
• Candidate Research and Intelligence
• Internet Research / Name Generation
• Diversity and Inclusion
• Custom Reporting and Metrics
At Corporate Hires we are all things Sourcing. Sourcing is a science, and our team of industry experts delivers results – and loves the science behind sourcing. Our team of Recruiting Managers, Sr. Recruiters, Project Architects, Sourcing Strategists, Sourcers, Recruiting Coordinators, Vendor Management Strategists, and Program Managers are available to fulfill your business requirements.
Need a short list of qualified and available candidates? Do you have a Diversity initiative? Need a consistent pipeline of fresh talent? Need G2 on your competitors?
Corporate Hires is here to help –Contact us today to learn more!
Project Recruitment Services
• Client Managed – We will design and onboard a Custom Built Team that will work in tandem with your department and resources to achieve your recruiting goals
• On- or Off-site Recruiters, Recruiting Coordinators, Internet Researchers and Sourcers
• Candidate Sourcing, Screening, and Selection
• Candidate Relationship Management
• Custom Reporting and Metrics
No project is too big or small for Corporate Hires. With projects ranging from a single sourcer to teams of 100+, Corporate Hires delivers. With our Project Recruitment Services, we bring world class and “best practice” recruiting functions into your organization.
Need to fully outsource your recruiting function? Do you have cyclical needs? Are there always “hard to fill” positions? Would you like to receive qualified, interested, and available candidates as opposed to sifting through stacks of resumes?
Corporate Hires is here to help – Contact us today to learn more
Performance / Process Consulting
• End to End Recruitment Strategy Assessment
• Recruitment Process / Department Audit
• Recruiter Training and Development
• ATS / Recruiting Systems Selection
So many tools, so little time. The Internet has changed the face of recruiting forever. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of various recruiting tools to assist us in filling positions. With exposure to high growth, we have the knowledge and tools to help you decide which are the best for your business needs. We have a staff of experts on virtually every tool out there – proven resources who love the business application of technology.
What is a sourcer? Which ATS should I use? Where do I send MY recruiters for training? Am I running my department as efficiently as possible?
Corporate Hires is here to help – Contact us today to learn more