Founded in 2010 in Atlanta, GA, Corporate Hires began as a premier provider of Contract talent to Atlanta-based clients. As our reputation in the Dallas TX area grew, we received requests for Outsourced Recruitment Services from large national clients looking to supplement and enhance their recruitment function. Our experienced consultants have applied their industry expertise and experiences to develop and implement world class Recruitment and Sourcing Strategies for our Emerging Growth Clients. We work with our clients as an extension of their current process to source, recruit, manage and motivate their talent through our Selective RPO services.

As our client list grows, so does our team of industry experts in the areas of Recruiting Strategies; Recruitment Process Outsourcing; Sourcing Strategies and Channel Development; ATS Selection; Vendor Management Processes and Strategies; and Recruiting Tools/Applications.

Our consultants have been engaged in a wide variety of projects, and we have been instrumental in our clients’ success in assisting them to: design and implement recruitment and sourcing strategies; develop metrics for measuring the success of their recruiting and sourcing teams; implement and design best practices; identify, develop and improve Employment Brand; OFCCP Compliance; establish and implement Diversity Strategies; develop and implement Employee Referral Programs; and identify, measure and reduce Vendor spend.

We are a provider of Selective RPO services. We are entrusted business partners with our Clients. Corporate Hires delivers results by designing, building, and delivering customized project-based programs based on our Clients’ hiring and sourcing objectives.

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